In addition to leverage recapitalization transactions, Zapalac & Hudgins Acquisition Capital works with business owners and management teams on the following types of transactions:


Management Buyout:  Acquisition of management’s existing company.


Sell Side M&A Transaction:  Working with a business owner to sell the Company either to a strategic or financial buyer.


Management Buy-In:  Acquisition of a company in management’s area of expertise, generally a company in which management does not own or operate.


Add On Acquisitions:  Corporate growth by acquiring a target company, usually a competitor or a supplier.


Leverage Build Up Transaction:  The acquisition of a “platform” company whereby future growth is accomplished by smaller “add-on” or “tuck-in” acquisitions.


Take Private Transaction:  The acquisition of a publicly traded company, whereby after the transaction, the resulting target company is privately owned.


Merger of Equals:  The combining of two like sized companies, which generally involves the exchange of common stock between the two shareholder groups.


Partner Buyouts:  The acquisition of one partner’s interest by the other partner(s).


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